Understanding Energy Workshop With Susie-Rose

Saturday 28th May 10am – 2pm £35 refreshments included.

Are you a therapist who feels drained after working with clients? Or are you able to sense others emotions and easily overwhelmed around crowds or certain places?

This practical and experimental workshop is designed for therapists or anyone sensitive to, or with an interest in, energy and the human aura.

In this workshop we will:

  • Discuss and detect the human energy field.
  • Understand the effects of energy transfer on health and emotions.
  • Demonstrate ways of protecting and healing the aura.
  • Learn ways of cleansing the aura and the home or workplace.
  • Discuss the effects of cords and etheric attachments.
  • Learn cord cutting techniques.

If you feel this workshop is for you, don’t delay..contact Susie on 07980 934352 or email Thirdeye to book your place today.


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