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A Sound Relaxation Experience with beautiful highly resonant Gongs, Himalayan bowls and other instruments.

Friday Evenings  7.30pm – 9.30pm  £18

Tutor: Pauline McCrann DCR.MCSH

Tutor for the College of Sound Healing
Gong Practitioner,
Sound Healer,
Sonographer, Traditional Reiki,
Assemblage Point Alignment.


The gong has been used for thousands of years to re-balance and tone the physical, emotional and spiritual bodies. The sound of the gong, when played with sensitivity, is very powerful for relieving stress, for relaxation, fatigue and many other conditions in our busy lives, which can often lead to the lack of balance and harmony in the body.

When attending a gong-bath, you relax, fully clothed either on a comfortable mat on the floor or sitting, letting the sound bathe your body and carry the mind, as the sound gently washes over you. The session begins with sounds of singing bowls or a variety of instruments, then the gong is gently invited to start sounding, gradually building the sound with a growing myriad of harmonics. Throughout the session there will be periods of other instruments and sounds, but the main focus is on the gongs. These then gently fade to a variety of more grounding sounds towards the end, when complete silence pervades allowing recipients to be in this profound, powerful stillness for a short time.

Many external energies, as well as internal influences, have a proven effect on our well-being, as do the sounds of the gongs and Himalayan singing bowls. Every cell in our body vibrates to a particular frequency, and due to stress, or the influence of other sounds and energies that we are constantly subjected to in our modern world, our cellular frequency can become altered or “out of tune”. This eventually causes the body to become fatigued, ill or in pain causing our well-being to be compromised. The highly tuned gongs create a vast range of harmonics and through these sounds the cells in the body can be brought back into their correct vibrational frequency. Pure sound is known to greatly increase healing time after injury, after an operation or trauma. It also has a great influence on the mind slowing the brain waves and inducing a deep state of relaxation.

The sounds of the gong can often be felt gently vibrating within the body, which can be a lovely relaxing experience. The mind chatter quickly decreases as the gongs are played. People have often described a gong-bath as like being on a sound journey. Often flashes of inspiration may occur, and there can be a feeling of greater mental clarity. Each experience will be different, according to the needs of each person. It is a wonderful way to relax and de-stress from a busy lifestyle.

“The knower of the mystery of sound knows the mystery of the whole universe” Hazrat Inayat Khan

Fridays 7.30-9.00pm

12th January,

23rd February,

23rd March,

27th April,

25th May

15th June,

   27th July

21st September,

26th October,

23rd November

 14th December

£18 per person – Booking essential.

Payment can be made either by Cheque, PayPal or BAC’s

Contact me for details & booking.



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